VT96 Wireless VHF Microphone system



Now Available!

The VT9 Series wireless system is built for karaoke and general PA applications. This system has been carefully designed from the ground up to ensure that a clear and warm vocal will be reproduced and has a highly steady operating distance. This series is popular for installation in karaoke boxes, and also for smaller churches, school teaching, speech and night club applications.

VT96 Handheld Set includes:
1x VT9 Receiver
2x VT6 Handheld transmitters

  • Frequency range: 220-250MHz
  • HF with narrow-band and MF with selection filter, minimize the interference of the hash
  • Handheld transmitter works even battery power low to 4V
  • ALC circuitry ensure high sound pressure but without distortion
  • Eliminate pulse noise design while turning on or off transmitter
  • Quartz oscillation mode to ensure stability
  • Advance circuitry to reduce noise and increase dynamic range
  • Feedback eliminator to increase the threshold level
  • Independent output and mixed output

Frequency Range: VHF 220-250MHz
Frequency Response: 80Hz-15kHz
Frequency Stability: ±0.005%
S/N Ratio: >70dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% (1kHz)
Channel numbers: 2 Channels
Operating Range: 40m in Open Area

VT9 Receiver
Squelch Control: Noise Lock
Receiving Sensitivity: -80dBm
False Image Interfere Rate: ≥80dB
Receiver Power Supply:DC 12V/300mA External
Output Type: Separate or Mixed Output

VT6 Handheld Transmitters
Indicator: green: battery enough; red: battery low
Frequency Deviation: ±23kHz
Stability: ±0.005%
Modulation: FM
Transmission Power: ≤10mW
Transmission Power Supply: 9V Tier Battery (VT6); 2pcs 1.5V Battery (VT7)

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