Universal Smartphone Clamp


Stage Ninja

Mount your phone anywhere you need it!

The Scorpion Series FON-9-CB Phone Holder is spring-loaded and accommodates all smartphones (even those with skins or ruggedized cases) up to 3.6" wide. The industrial-steel mini clamp base is loaded with tension. The rigid 10-segment mini gooseneck provides 360 degree, multi-directional mobility. Not only does the FON-9-CB clamp to objects, it also acts as an excellent stand on any flat surface.

  • Fits phones up to 3.6" wide
  • Indutstrial-strength steel mini clamp
  • Dual-step rubber jaws
  • 10-segment gooseneck for reaching any angle
  • Doubles as a stand

In terms of setup, the tensioned, industrial steel spring-loaded holder allows for one-handed insertion and removal of your phone and clamps onto surfaces up to 1.5" thick. It accommodates devices up to 3.6" wide and leaves your camera lens accessible for taking photographs and videos. The rigid 1/4" 10-segment mini gooseneck stretches up to 5" long and provides 360 degree, multi-directional mobility.


  • $49.95