Superlux DRKA3C2 Drum set Microphone Set



Superlux presents the DRKA3C2 drum mic set. Designed for live stage and practice room. Simple, yet complete with 1 PRA-218A for kick, 2 x PRA-228A for tom-tom, and 2 PRA-268A condenser for overhead. All microphones included permanent attached mic clip.

Great for:

Home Studio
Live stage
Practice roomPRA218A

Type: Dynamic Microphone
Element: Neodymium Magnet Capsule, Transformer output
Polar pattern: Super Cardioid


Special designed bass response, soft and forceful.
A fine supercardioid polar pattern.
High gain before feedback. High SPL bearable.
Suitcase packaged.
wide dynamic range bass instrument miking

High gain before feedback
wide dynamic, low distortion
High SPL capacity
Tailored mid-high frequency

High sound pressure level
wide dynamic range
Low distortion
High gain before feedback
With elevation in the mid-high range

Compare the DRKA3C2 with Audix Fusion

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