Kahuna Bubinga Drum Set (O/S lugs) by Peace



The Peace Kahuna drum set is all bubinga – 9 plies of hand selected African bubinga (also known as Afrian Rosewood). Most manufacturers shy away from using this exotic wood due to its extreme hardness, but not Peace!

Shell sizes: 10″×8″ and 12″×9″ tom toms, 16″×14″ floor tom, 22″×18″ bass drum (with no tom mounts) and 14″×5.5″ snare drum. Toms comes with crescent mounts, ball style tom arms and clamps to mount the toms to cymbal stands or rack systems.

Snare drum features die cast hoops. Remo USA batter head package (Powerstroke 3 on bass drum, coated Ambassador on snare, Pinstripes on tom toms). Lugs are mounted offset for a unique look!

Hardware: no stands or pedals included. Shell pack only.

Finishes: Newcastle Brown lacquer stain with horizontal inlay or Cream Ale lacquer stain.

Not exactly as pictured. Drum sets are partially assembled and packaged in two boxes for shipping.


For more information on Peace: http://www.pawmusic.com/pages/peace-drums