Drum Rack System

Drum Accessory


Peace's drum rack system is simple, not complicated, but extremely functional and cost effective!

DR-17: Features "T" style legs to provide a solid foundation for the entire system, and the standard curved mainframe keeps everything within reach. Two cymbal booms are included, which extend from the support posts to save rack space for tom toms. The DR-17 features a side frame which is ideal for mounted floor toms.

DR-18: Features curved left and right side bars which are ideal for additional tom toms and accessory mounting without need of additional support legs.

DR-20: Features curved vertical supports to create a startingly unique look in a drum rack. DR-20 features two cymbal boom arms.

DR-21: Similar to the DR-17 but the horizontal tubes are not curved... rather each is angled back 45 degrees at the centre point (v shaped), affording another choice to the player on the subjective issue of ergonomics.


For additional clamps, order DA-74. For additional cymbal boom holders, order DA-112.