Camouflage Drum Set by Peace



CLEARANCE! A versitile drum set that doubles as a quiet practise kit or a compact performance kit! The Peace Camouflage kit comes with a set of specially designed fabric mesh drumheads that deliver the same feel as regular heads, but without the sound! When it’s time to play a gig where space is scarce, simply switch to standard drumheads (which also come with the kit), and off you go!

Shell sizes: 10″×4″ and 12″×5″ tom toms, 14″×6″ suspended “floor” tom, 22″×8″ bass drum, 14″×5.5″ snare drum.

Hardware: Straight cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, bass drum pedal, snare stand, one set of practice cymbals, mesh head package, standard drum head package.

Finish: black wrap

Packaged partially assembled in one box for shipping.


Regular Price: $749.00


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