Istanbul ART20 22" Ride Cymbal




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Every Istanbul Agop ART20 series cymbal is cast with Istanbul's own special B20 alloy by their master artisans in Istanbul, Turkey. Designed for players at all levels, the ART20 series combines the depth, clarity and projection demanded by todays modern music with a warmth and musicality only found in cast cymbals. A timeless sound, priced for today.

Key Features:

Istanbul's artisans used irregular, big hammer patterns to help the cymbal maintain its warmth and musicality while providing a less distorted surface for a clean sound.This technique result in a delicate,articulate stick sound with a clean,defined attack in every volume settings.

Another technique that the artisans used is the high speed lathing which gives the cymbal its smooth and silky texture. As a result of this process, the projection of the ART20 series is greatly enhanced.   

These features make the ART20 Series a great all –arounder in todays modern music!

Available remaining sizes:

22" ART22 Ride

All are brilliant finish and medium weight.

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