Hornets Swarm Drumsticks



The Hornets Swarm drumsticks are made of a maple handle and 19 dowels of birch wood. These multi-rod sticks that offer an ergonomic, contoured handle and proprietary rubber o-rings designed to relieve forearm pressure and reduce shock to the wrist. They fit comfortably in the hand to function as a natural extension of the drummer’s arm. Due to the multiple dowels bunched together the Swarm sticks are an ideal drumstick if you want great balance, while naturally producing a lower volume with great rebound.

Hornets Swarm Drumsticks Features:

- Contoured handle helps reduce forearm tension - Multi-rods for lighter playing - 17" in length - Made of Maple - O-rings help reduce vibration - O-rings work on cymbals as a mallet - Improved grip for reduced slippage