DNA Maple (Custom) Drum Set by Peace



Peace DNA series kits are a professional quality set at a very affordable price. DNA kits feature Atomic Sparkle or stain lacquer finishes, not wraps to give them looks that are as striking as they sound!

These kits are custom ordered and not included in the Peace catalogue.

Shells: 9 ply maple 10″×8″ and 12″×9″ tom toms, 14″×12″ hanging floor tom, 22″×18″ bass drum, 14″×5.5″ snare drum

Hardware: Heavy duty straight and boom cymbal stands, snare stand, hi-hat stand, kick pedal.

Drums have chrome lugs and hoops. Toms feature crescent mounts, ball style tom arms.

Finishes: Strawberry fields red fade lacquer stain, Amber fade lacquer stain, Atomic Nightshade sparkle lacquer

Heads: These kits have custom aftermarket Remo USA batter heads (clear Pinstripes on toms, coated Ambassador on snare, Powerstroke 3 on bass drum)

Kits are partially assembled and packaged in two boxes for shipping.

Not exactly as pictured!


For more information on Peace: http://www.pawmusic.com/pages/peace-drums