700 Series Drum Set by Peace



Peace 700 series kits were designed especially for church and worship team applications. 700 kits feature a choice of natural, white or red stain lacquer finishes that show off the beautiful maple wood grain.

These kits are custom ordered and not included in the Peace catalogue.

Shells: 9 ply maple and mahogany 10″×8″ and 12″×9″ tom toms, 14″×14″ floor tom, 22″×18″ bass drum, 14″×5.5″ snare drum

Hardware: Heavy duty straight and boom cymbal stands, snare stand, hi-hat stand, kick pedal.

Drums have chrome lugs and hoops, the same as on the popular DNA sets. Toms feature rigid arm mounts, same as on the Paragon maple sets.

Heads: These kits have standard Peace factory heads. We recommend replacing these with aftermarket heads (coated or clear) such as the Aquarian heads that are available from Paw Music.

Kits are partially assembled and packaged in two boxes for shipping.


For more information on Peace: http://www.pawmusic.com/pages/peace-drums

Prices are in Canadian funds