Superlux is the brand name for Goang-Fann Co. Ltd. which in 1997 took over the Tenlux microphone company. Tenlux started building microphones and components in 1987.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, the company established a branch in Hong Kong and manufacturing facility in China in 1995. In 1996 Superlux opened up a new research and development facility in Shanghai.

In 1998 the company established a cable department to produce microphone cables, an independent factory in 2001 to produce music stands and accessories, a headphone department in 2008 and speaker manufacturing in 2009.

The story started 60 years ago: Pan Chien-Yeu’s father built China’s first condenser microphone for his radio station after studying in Germany. Pan learned from his father and graduated with BSEE from Chau-Ton University. Pan has 45 years of electro-acoustics professional design experience. It was over 25 years ago that David Liu started to manufacture microphones. When David and Pan met in 1996, the best design and hands-on experience and the best quality mass production collaborated.

Over these years. a team of determined people worked around the clock, and after much effort, have created the Superlux products for the audio industry. The aim was sound performance at a reasonable price- products that let you play your music without over loading your budget .

True sound is the real value of Superlux products. Reasonable price is vital not only for budget limits, but also important for competitive business operations. Industry standards are the guidelines to Superlux from design to products. Discipline to follow the standards sets a strong foundation. Superlux values its customers' music, sound and business.