Peace Drums


Paw Music sells a lot of Peace products for some very good reasons. While many people are not familiar with Peace, this company is gaining more recognition as it continues to refocus from being an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier to other name brand companies to producing more and more under its own corporate Peace name.

Some brief history:

Peace is a Taiwan based manufacturer that spent most of its years producing instruments for other major instrument makes. While the early drum companies were based in America or Europe pre 1960s, times changed rapidly during the rock and roll years of the 60s and 70s. Japan emerged as the source of many instruments (and many other products) in those years. When the Japanese manufacturers established themselves as forces in the industry, they started promoting their own brand names, most of which you still see and are familiar with today.

As manufacturing costs grew expensive in Japan, then much manufacturing was shifted to Taiwan in the 70s. Companies like Peace emerged to replace the companies in Japan as the "go to" manufacturers for many products. Now, many of those name brand companies are sourcing out cheaper products from China. Rather than making low end products for other brands, Peace has moved upscale and is producing today some of the most beautiful looking and sounding products in the percussion industry.

So, over the past 40 years, Peace has been transitioning from its early days of producing lower priced kits for other brands, to today producing an extensive line of student to professional percussion products, using wood shells made from Canadian maple, African bubinga, birch, mahogany, basswood, and metal shells made from aluminum, copper, brass, steel, bronze, titanium and a complete line of hardware, pedals and stands. Many shells feature custom stain or sparkle lacquer finishes, such as the Paragon maple kit shown here with unique brushed copper finish lugs and hoops.
While many other drum companies buy their shells and/or hardware from other companies (such as Peace), Peace makes their own shells and hardware! Combine the history of successful drum building, add to that modern design and finishing, then all that's missing are great prices. Well, check out Paw Music's prices of Peace products, and compare with those common brands that every store seems to sell. You might just have reason to "give Peace a chance"!
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