Alchemy Cymbals

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The Alchemy Series from Istanbul Agop combines the classic Turkish hammering techniques with the shimmering, modern and brighter qualities of a brilliant finish. These cymbals have a clean, crisp attack followed by smooth, glassy overtones. Weights range from very thin (Sweet) to very heavy (Power X and Custom Rock) offering a wide array of choices for every style of music from pop to gospel to the most ear shattering metal.

Alchemy also offers two student level series: MSX and ART. MSX are the ultimate beginner – student cymbals with a highly affordable price tag. The sonic qualities of Brass and world famous Istanbul Agop craftsmanship make these cymbals suitable for all music styles and volume settings. ART cymbals are highly versatile and offer pro-sound, pro-looks and pro-quality under a highly affordable price. ART cymbals are suitable for the drummers of all levels who want to add the power of B8 bronze into their set-up.