The Istanbul - Alchemy Cymbal clearance is on! Priced below store cost!

 Paw Music is clearing out its entire inventory of Istanbul Agop and Alchemy cymbals. We have been selling these Turkish cymbals to very satisfied customers in Canada and the USA since we opened our doors, and are excited to pass on these amazing clearance prices to you!

Paw Music will no longer be carrying the Istanbul/Alchemy line. Instead we are selling the new and exciting Heartbeat line. Heartbeat cymbals are also made in Turkey, but distributed from Heartbeat in Canada. Some of the series are similar, and some are different!

For example: Here is an Istanbul Sultan and here is a Heartbeat Studio.

Istanbul Sultan series 







The big difference right now is that the entire inventory of Istanbul brand cymbals are all at clearance prices. Obviously, these prices are only in effect while we have remaining inventory, and many are already sold. But there is still hundreds to choose from including:

Istanbul Traditional, Sultan, Vezir, Turk, Azure hand made series

Istanbul Signature Epoch (Lenny White), Om (Cindy Blackman), Agop, Mel Lewis, SE Jazz, Idris Muhammad series

Alchemy Professional series (in various models: sweet, medium, rock, custom rock, raw, Power X)

Istanbul Xist B20 series and ART20 series (some boxed sets plus individual cymbals)

Alchemy ART B8 series (boxed sets and individual)

Alchemy student MSX brass series (boxed sets and individual)

Plus a few boxed sets of Istanbul Traditional and Sultan series available.


Rides, crashes, Chinas, effects, this is a great opportunity to purchase Turkish made cymbals at below store costs. Huge savings! While stock lasts!