Cymbal switch over.... Good bye Alchemy, welcome more Heartbeat cymbals!

Welcome to 2013 at Paw Music! The biggest news for January is that Paw is discontinuing selling the Alchemy cymbal line. All Alchemy cymbals are priced to clear! Heavily discounted from around 65% to 75%, we expect these to sell very quickly.

Alchemy cymbals are manufactured by Istanbul Agop in Turkey. The student MSX brass and ART bronze series are machine made, and the professional series has been hand made since introduction. In 2012, Istanbul changed over the production of the Alchemy pro series from being hand made to now being machine made, and a price reduction went into effect. At Paw Music, we decreased our entire line of Alchemy pro cymbals to reflect the newer pricing.

Our remaining inventory of pro Alchemy cymbals include some of the hand made models and some of the newer machine made models. We cannot guarantee which you will receive when you order, but quantities are limited. All Chinas, splashes and crashes in stock are hand made. Rides, crashes and hats are mixed hand or machine made.

At Paw Music, we love hand made cymbals! In replacement of the Alchemy pro series, we are carrying the Heartbeat Rock line, which is hand made and hand hammered in Istanbul. The Rock series compares with the Alchemy Rock and Custom Rock series. Heartbeat will be introducing a lighter series (yet unnamed) comparable with the Alchemy Sweet and Medium series in March, 2013.


These cymbals sound as beautiful as they look! Heartbeat cymbals carry a two year warranty (Alchemy was one year warranty). For more information on the Heartbeat line, check out Heartbeat Percussion's web site

The Rock series sound files and more detailed information can be found at this page: