Gruv Gear Stadium Bag Review

by Dave Fowler
Bass Frontiers Editor-In-Chief

How many times have you had that 1 or 2 night gig out of town and struggled with what bag(s) you will take to accommodate all you will need while doing your shows? Well, our good friends over at GruvGear have taken all the guesswork out of this for us! FINALLY, a bag worthy of being on the road! The Stadium bag is a very well made cargo style pack ready to house all you will need to do that one off concert or a weekend club stint.

The first thing I noticed was how well constructed this bag is and the room it has is unmatched. I had no trouble getting what I needed for an overnight trip in there along with what simple gear needs I had. This thing even has a plush 15” space for my laptop, which is essential these days. I particularly liked the side locker door style access panels! The removable soft shelf panels are very nice so you can use it as a big open space or section it off according to your personal needs. Another fantastic feature was the pullout weather cover. Although I didn’t need to use it, it was very good to know that in case it rains, you can cover your much treasured tools and your awesome bag from the elements. All in all, I got my clothing, shoes, small gear, and toiletries all in this ONE bag.

The bag has stowaway airmesh backpack straps AND an adjustable hip belt to offset heavier loads. It appears they thought of everything when designing this bag! I enjoyed having this bag on this trip and the musicians I traveled with all wanted to know where they could get one!! Out of all the products we review and see here at Bass Frontiers, this one is a must for ALL musicians.



You may have noticed recently we’ve been covering bags to protect your DJ equipment. If you’ve just spent $1000 on a new controller or mixer why would you carry it around in a 50c bin bag or the box it shipped in? Within minutes it’s going to get knocks, dents and scratches over it and wet cardboard won’t protect your expensive equipment once it starts raining.

So its worth spending a bit of money on a top quality DJ bag and in this review we are looking at the Gruv Gear Stadium Bag. The Gruv Gear bag is large enough to hold most DJ equipment and will fit in most airlines hand luggage allowance so this is a great choice for mobile or Club DJs who do a lot of travelling.

The outside is super tough but flexible at the same time. The flexibility means you can fit in all types of gear without worrying about ripping holes or popping zips. The durability means that this can take a battering from the outside as you make your way through crowds and day to day life without the equipment getting damaged.

The front of the bag has a chunky clip for keeping the bag secure as well as zips, so there are no worries about anyone breaking into this whilst its on your back. The side locker style pockets allow easy access to the bottom of the bag without removing everything from the top. So if you are travelling you can keep clothes and other items in the bottom and your equipment on top, but still have easy access without having to pull everything else out but we’ll come back to the inside compartments shortly.

The bottom features 4 solid plastic legs and a plastic bottom so your equipment inside will stay protected and the rest of the bag is covered in all sorts of zips and pockets. There is metal attachment points for add-on accessories, including guitar stands or tripods. This bag is also compatible with Gruv Gears V-Cart System so you can hook the bag onto the V-Cart knowing its attached safely.

The back of the bag has soft padded areas to protect your back, great when you have a heavy flat mixer in it and don’t want it stabbing you and the shoulder straps are also padded. The shoulder straps can also be removed so when you have practically over filled your bag or its connected to the V-Cart you can unclip the straps using the strong metal clips and tuck them neatly away inside the back of the bag so they don’t flail around. One should strap has a small zippable pocket which is great for keeping loose change in quickly to hand but it doesn’t support anything larger than a credit card sadly. The shoulder straps have a middle clip to go around your body and there is also another bigger clip to go around your body so if you are on the back of a bike or have heavy equipment in you can make sure the bag stays on you at all times.

The top of the bag contains a hidden pocket just under the study but extremely soft handle. In here you can fit a phone and even small tablets. The handle really is lovely, normally you’re hands get ripped to shreds when using these but the soft padding means when ever you have to hold the bag from the handle its a dream.

Finally, on the outside, at the bottom is a pocket that contains a rain jacket for this bag. Now the bag seems durable enough to take a light bit of water without absorbing it but its always the case when you have expensive equipment in a bag it will pour with rain. The rain jacket is attached to the bag so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring it and is neatly tucked away when not in use. When you do need to use it, it takes seconds to cover the bag is a water proof jacket so your equipment will stay dry. Its a great touch and one of the main reasons we like this bag so much.

Inside the front compartment you have space for smaller items like cables, pens and other bits and pieces. Theres no room for full size head phones but you can put all your smaller items, passport and other things safely in here. In this area is room for a 15″ laptop or ipad, its nicely padded and because not much else will fit in this front pocket won’t get dented or scratched. The back panel is very thick and solid though. This is the wall joining where the laptop goes and the main compartment of your bag so it means mixers and things like that with sticky out bits won’t be able to damage your laptop either.

The main compartment has areas for pens and cable bits as well as another zippable pocket on the inside. Theres also two detachable shelves that are light weight and flexible but super strong. Arrange the shelves how you like, so you can either have 3 compartments, 1 massive one, or 1 large and one small. Great if you want to keep some CDs or clothes in the bottom and fill the rest with a mixer.

This really is a great bag, from the chunky zips to being able to access stuff at the bottom of the bag without pulling everything out. The bag is extremely durable but flexible to take all sorts of shapes and sizes for your controllers and headphones. The water proof jacket is a great idea and one we’ve already had to use after getting caught out in a down pour. Theres very little that is wrong with this bag, its a shame the shoulder strap can’t hold a phone for easier access but your phone will always be secure in the top compartment of the bag and is less likely to suffer any knocks there either.

Everything is made of an extremely good quality material, there was no imperfections in the stitching and try as we might to over fill the bag there was never any worries that it was about to burst. I guess the only problem you could say we had is it was almost too easy to fill the bag with everything making it extremely heavy, but we can’t blame the bag for that.

If you’re a mobile or club DJ this bag will suit you perfectly but its also great for non DJs, photographers will find they can fit in smaller tripods or attach them to the side, whilst offering plenty of room for their cameras and putting lens into separate compartments inside the bag. If you’re in the market for a new bag to protect your DJ equipment, then this is one you can buy with no worries about storage or quality.

The bag retails at $399. Thats a small price to pay to protect your equipment worth thousands and we bet it’ll more than make its money back after its first use.