Stage Ninja product review

From Author: Port Olditch

Everyone loves ninjas. Not only are they awesome, but the combination of stealthy manoeuvres and useful weapons /gadgets like shurikens, grappling hooks, nunchuks and darts enable them to be ready for any situation they’re confronted with.

With the line of Stage Ninja products, it is now possible to wind long cables in seconds, mount microphones, cameras or industrial flashlights to practically anything and carry multiple instrument cases with ease. How are these things possible? Let’s have a quick look at the new Stage Ninja range…

Retractable Cables
It’s the end of the show and the clock has just ticked over to 2 in the morning. Faced with a massive pile of twisted and knotted microphone and instrument cables, you sigh and wish for a simpler, quicker solution. Stage Ninja now have that solution with their series of retractable cables. Much like a vacuum cleaner power lead, these cables instantly retract into a damage resistant housing. Pull the cable out to the desired Length; it automatically locks; pull it out again to unlock. Ninja style.

Scorpion Series Mounts
A true Stage Ninja knows that obstacles can be overcome with the right gadget. The Scorpion Series completely eliminates the need for bulky stands and mounts, enabling users to set up microphones, industrial flashlights or even cameras anywhere. Fast. Using either heavy magnet or clamp bases tethered to a 12” gooseneck with 360 degrees of rotation, these mounts can literally be placed anywhere your imagination will allow.

Other Accessories
For a true ninja of the stage, time is of the essence. The ‘Guitar Case Roadie’ is a device that allows you to carry twice as many guitars or keyboards on each arm while reducing strain on your wrist ligaments. That’s less trips back and forth to the tour van/bus/chopper. Stage Ninja’s ‘Cord Winder’ eliminates knots and tangles while safely storing over 40 metres of your microphone, instrument, speaker or power cables. 


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