The Wishbone microphone placement system

 A clever new means of amp mic'ing!


The Wishbone is a simple USA made mic bracket -- the Wishbone bit simply pushes into your combo's top handle (it's designed to fit handles over 5.5 inches wide and you get a couple of extra foam attachments if it's a little loose). Attached to that wishbone via a knuckle joint is the boom, another straight piece of anodised aluminum rod with a threaded end to take your mic holder and mic.

The knuckle clamp gives full left to right and forward/backward swing. It's also easily and firmly tightened.



In Use:

Yup, it works! Seriously, for on-stage use it's far better than the usual soundman's trick of hanging your mic over your amp and allows very specific placement. It's ideal too, in the studio -- especially where space is short and a full mic stand can easily be knocked out of place. It's excellent for 1 x 12 combos, although an optional longer boom would give more placement choice for 2 x 12s.


It folds up and will easily fit in a gig bag's pocket or your leads case and anyone needing to quickly but effectively mic an amp live or in the studio should have one. Various other types are also available for stacks, smaller - handled combos, and even a bass drum.

Guitarist Magazine (UK) Issue 334 October 2010