Superlux S125: The next standard in live vocal microphones


Need a vocal mic for live sound applications? Many still go to the old stand by... the Shure SM58 (or Beta58) They do the job, but a lot of mics can do the job. Just like a lot of cars can get you from A to B; some just do it better than others, but that usually comes with a price tag. A truly good find does the job well for the same price. And then I found the Superlux S125, or rather a wonderful gentleman, Noel Walker from Heartbeat (Distributors the Canadian distributor for Superlux) , introduced me to it at a music conference. After listening to the specs on this 1/2” condenser mic, and see that it was the price of an SM58, I figured I would give it a try as I needed a good vocal mic anyway. 

The next day, I took it down to my studio after the conference and A/B’d it with a friends SM58 and my Audio Technica. I was immediately impressed by it’s smooth but clear sound. What really struck me was when my mom, who did not know that I had purchased the S125 and is not a “qualified” tone connoisseur, heard the mic and said “Wow! What happened to your microphone. It wounds amazing!” I knew then I had stumbled across “gold”.

Since the purchase, I have personally put this microphone up against SM58s, Beta58s, SM87s, both Sennheiser dynamic and condenser mics, and a bunch of others. In each instance, I still chose my Superlux S125. If I had to make comparisons, I would put the S125 in the same playing field as the Shure KSM9s and the Neumann KMS 104. However, when comparing the $115 price tag on the S125 as opposed to the $600 to $900 price tags on the others, I think we’ve found a clear winner.

From a practical stand point, I’ve found the S125 to be very rugged, maybe not SM58 rugged (as the S125 is still a condenser), but a sturdy mic non-the-less. And again, at $115 a piece, you wouldn’t cry like a baby if you had to replace it if it were lost, stollen, or broken (I would though). I’ve had mine get knocked over in the stand a few times with no harm done. Based on these experiences (the joys of having teenagers around), I would say the engineers at Superlux did a “bang up” job of building the shock mounted capsule (pardon the pun).

The S125 also has some really excellent features like a triple pop filter, a 150 Hz low cut filter, and a -10 dB attenuator, making it a very versatile mic.  And it looks great too! I recommend this mic for...            Everyone!

Contributed by Chad Nedohin. Chad is a worship leader and also sings, plays guitar and writes tunes for "On the Altar", an Edmonton, Alberta based band.