Superlux PRA628 MKII Microphone

 The PRA628 MK II replaces the popular PRA628, so PAW is now stocking only the MK II microphones. Here is the user guide for the new model.


General Rules for Use:

• For guitar amps captured medium attack sound profile with balanced sound, place PRA628 MK II around 6 - 12 inches (15 -30 cm) away from speaker, centered directly in front of speaker cone.

• For percussion instrument captured most attack sound profile with natural sound, place PRA628 MKII 2.5 to 7.5 cm (1 to 3 in) above rim of top head of drum. Aim mic at drum head.

• For higher gain before feedback and lowest background noise, the microphone shall be pointed directly to the sound source.

• The sensitivity of a supercardioid microphone is highest on axis and lowest at 120 to 135 degrees.

• To avoid interference between multiple microphones, each sound source shall be picked-up by one microphone, use as less microphones as possible in one space, or turn-on as less microphones as possible at the same time.

• To reduce crosstalk between microphones, follow a 1:3 guide line: The distance between microphone A to the sound source A is “1” , the distance between any other microphone to the sound source A shall be more than 3 times.

• Reflecting surface affect sound as well. Beware of these surfaces such as wall, table, or floor. Place the microphone away from the hard surfaces or directly contact these surfaces to form a pressure zone microphone.

• When using the microphone outdoor or in windy environment, additional foam wind screen helps to reduce wind noise.

• Keep grill pop screen clean to avoid degrading the sound quality. Do not expose the microphone at high humidity/temperature environment to avoid damage.

Proximity Effect:

When the supercardioid microphone get closer to the sound source, the low frequency response is boosted, as so call “proximity effect”. Experience engineer takes advantages of the proximity effect to improve the richness of instrument sound or to increase the bass of the instrument as if an extremely high quality equalizer is used. Same ideas to reduce the bass by increase the distance to reduce the bass when needed.

Mounting the Microphone:

Sturdy drum clamp and stand can set the microphone exactly at the sweet spot and keep it there. Superlux provides wide range of drum clamps and stands for various demands.


Microphones shall be kept in low humidity environment for best sound performance. Store the microphones in air-conditioned room or dehumidifier to keep away from moisture. Clean air is another important factor. Keep away from smoking environment to avoid tar residuals.