Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner Review


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Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner - Drum Review

If you are like me, you like to have your drum kit look good before any major gig. You can improve its look by having your cymbals and hardware shining as if they were brand new. One of the best cleaning solutions I've found is Groove Juice.

Cymbal Cleaning With Groove Juice

When it comes to simplicity, you will be hard pressed to find a cymbal cleaning solution that is easier to use than Groove Juice. You simply spray the "juice" over cymbal evenly, wait approximately 1 minute, rinse off the cymbal completely and dry with a soft cloth.

It's like a dream come true when you compare it with other solutions that have you scrubbing away at a single cymbal for between 5-15 minutes. These other solutions, which typically come in a cream form, are also assumed to be harder on the cymbals. I have yet to find a benefit for the wasted time and energy that the 'cream' solutions require.

Hardware Cleaning With Groove Juice

Groove Juice can also be used to clean the hardware of your kit. This can include cymbal stands, tom mounts, rack gear, etc. The process for cleaning this gear includes only one extra step. Simply mix one part Groove Juice to three parts water to get an appropriated diluted mix.

You can then take this mix and proceed as instructed for cymbal cleaning. If you have a lot of cymbals, you might actually set yourself up perfect for mixing the hardware cleaner. Use 3/4 of the container to clean all your cymbals, fill the spray bottle back up using water, and shake it to mix the parts for hardware cleaning.

Does Groove Juice Work?

With such a simple process, this solution is bound to be questioned by drummers that have worked hard to shine their cymbals with any other solution. I'm pleased to report this product worked extremely well with my setup. Here is a photo of my kit right after cleaning all the cymbals, a process that took all of 20 minutes.


Note: these cymbals are about a year and a half old, and this is only the
second time they have been cleaned (first time with Groove Juice).


Unless you are looking to form a close relationship with your cymbals by spending time and energy cleaning them, this is the solution for you. It's fast, effective, and relatively well priced. Consider it first the next time you want to shine up your cymbals and hardware.