New arrivals from Peace drums!

New inventory from Peace has arrived. There are some exciting kits and new finishes available for immediate delivery now!

Take for example the Neo Rebel kit...

Peace Neo Rebel drum set

This kit features 9 ply mahogany shells, single mounted tom, double floor toms, matching snare drum.. all in black finish with red lugs, hoops and hardware! Paw Music has some additional toms available if you want to increase the size of the kit from 5 to 6 or 7 drums. While the kit comes with a hardware package (single cymbal stand, snare stand, hi-hat, kick pedal),

Paw Music

 also has some additional red cymbal boom stands available. What a great looking and sounding kit for only $695.00!


Want something a bit more upscale? Look no further than the DNA maple kit. This kit features 5 drums, heavy duty hardware package, and some exciting new finishes, like the unique matte Sanskrit lacquer stain. No other company has anything like this!

 Peace DNA drum set 

Toms mount via crescent mounts and ball style arms to clamps that fasten to cymbal stands, leaving the bass drum totally clean!  Professional kit, professional looks and sound... but at a fabulous price of only $1,895.00, including a heavy duty hardware package.


Looking for something more unique?  The Paragon maple kit features the innovative Deus lugs and LIFTS tom mounting system... but on this kit, they are finished in brushed copper! A perfect blend with the brown and black fade lacquer stain. This set is a shell pack with no stands or pedals included, so you can order separately or use your own existing or favorite brand.


Peace Paragon maple drum set
Standard five piece shell pack is priced at only $2,249.00. Features Remo USA head package, extra deep 6.5" snare drum with die cast hoops, extra add on toms available! The Paragon series is Peace's top seller to endorsers world wide. 
These are just three of the new models now available from Paw Music. Questions? Email or phone us!