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Gear Announcement: Stage Ninja Guitar Straps

Now the company claims that the natural tackiness of the rubber makes it like having strap locks. But I’ve learned my lesson: Never leave home without strap locks! I don’t care how “sticky” something might be. Unless it’s locked on, it will eventually come off. But that’s just an aside…

Considering that Stage Ninja is located in Indianapolis, it’s no small surprise that they would take advantage of the used racing tires that must be piled up outside of the Indy speedway. What a way to capitalize on throw-aways! But it’s also responsible manufacturing. On principle I have to get one of these.

Why get so excited about a guitar strap? Simply because I dig product that are the result of thinking out of the box. Yes, it’s just a guitar strap, but made out of material that was never even envisioned to be used this way!

There’s not much information on these as of yet, and retailers do not have them in stock just yet. But they should be arriving soon!


Well, that review was last year, and Paw Music has the Stage Ninja guitar straps in stock, with or without grommets!


Stage Ninja Retractable Cable – Product Review

Monday, 14 June 2010
Written by John Farrier 

This ninja doesn’t assassinate musicians on stage, but addresses the ubiquitous need to eliminate the cable spaghetti…

I tested out the Stage Ninja 26-Foot Instrument Cable (MSRP $64.99).  This ninja doesn’t assassinate musicians on stage, but addresses the ubiquitous need to eliminate the cable spaghetti that easily accumulates after even seemingly careful wiring in stage and studio.

One end of the Stage Ninja has a fixed 6-foot section of cable that winds neatly around the side of the unit.  The remaining 20 feet of cable winds out of the spring-loaded Stage Ninja ready to go and tangle free.  The cable comes out, snaps into a locked position, and recoils back inside the unit with ease.  The hard shell plastic shell can stack easily with other Stage Ninja cable reels.  This unit is solid and performs well, the cable is of good quality, and the ends are solid; this unit is road-ready.

The retail price on the unit is $64.99.  This is comparable to good quality


Paw Music has the Stage Ninja retractable cables available for immediate delivery. Three models: instrument, microphone or powered speaker.



Powered speakers: