Welcome to Paw Music!

Paw Music is a new online music store in Canada where you will find a lot of gear that most stores don't carry. We specialize in products that are different than what you usually would see in your neighbourhood music store.... big or small! Why do what every body else does? If you want one of those typical products that everyone else sells, go for it. But, if you want something a little different... Paw Music delivers!

For example: Stage Ninja products... Retractable mic and instrument cables, suspended microphone mounting systems, guitar straps made from recycled bicycle inner tubes and race car tires....

Or, how about Peace drums! Peace has been building musical instruments for over 30 years now, and chances are you have seen or played Peace products, but with other name brand logos on them! An extensive line of percussion products from student to professional.

Like Peace, Superlux has been building microphones for many years. But why pay more to have a name brand logo on the mic when you can get the manufacturer's name on them and save money!

Then how about an acoustic guitar made in Uganda! Not the normal home of guitar building, but the home of Duncan Africa Society, a non profit organization that established a trade school in Uganda to train luthiers and build beautiful guitars (often using native woods). These guitars are shipped to Canada where electronics and any finishing touches are made and are then distributed. Profits stay in Uganda! Beautiful looking and sounding guitars, great story behind them.


These are just a few examples of some of the products available at Paw Music. More to come! We look forward to helping you achieve your music goals and needs.